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Our Story

• It was used to protect products in contact with extreme cold or extreme heat. That is why the military used it to protect weapons, equipment, and buildings from extreme temperatures.
• GWR Nano Insulation, using the NANO technology is made to replace the thick and complex traditional thermal insulations with a very thin layer of Nano Ceramic System.
• This results in better insulation results with less application cost and long-term durability; This reduces the energy used for cooling and Air conditioning by at least 43%.

What We Offer

A unique, revolutionary solution in the construction industry. Effective, fast, cost-efficient, and environment-friendly. It meets all the requirements to be the thermal insulator of the future.

We Understand Requirements

Read about GWR Nano Insulation's achievements and added value in the construction of FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums.

Outstanding in the market

Continuous product development and the constant, independent testing of GWR Nano lead to international recognition.

Constructional service

We provide our service to every country needed, our comercial team will sort all your needs, to secure a professional and total worldwide service.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

The best and unique product in insulation

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